Sunday, June 18, 2017

Are you me

Into nothingness, she stares on! Searching all the while...
Expressionless eyes stare back, as she attempts, in vain, to smile...
Her pain she hides, in the protective fortress of her broken heart...
Holding on to some strange hope and a tattered dream, long ripped apart...

Her perfect features and porcelain like skin, to a life gone, give a testimony
As I walked away, that undead breathing cadaver whispered, "are you me?"

Saturday, June 10, 2017


He beat her down mercilessly, left her in the abyss to die

Pulling her broken remains together, she strives on, don't ask why!

Oh! the misplaced faith in  piety and traditional law of virginity

And she says, "Thank you God, I know you did it all for me"

Those who tortured her for monetary and sheer material gains

Lie helpless, seeking her, as a balm to soothe and to ease their pains

Burning herself out, for kindness sake, she looks up and smiles sadly!!

And she says, "Thank you God, I know you did it all for me!!

He threw her out on her ear, gave her a kick, sent her on her way

And gave her a strange assurance that he prayed for her, every day...

Hanging her head, she laughs through bitter tears at the irony

And she says, "Thank you God, I know you did it all for me...

She is a walker, I know, she will gather herself and depart soon

To tarry, for her is dooming!! A flowing river, she is, like the  monsoon

In a hurry to reach the final home, she is now beyond all help worldly

And She says, "Thank you God, I know you did it all for me...

Saturday, June 3, 2017

The false matriarch

In a make believe world of pretentious relationships...
Lived a matriarch, song in her heart and smile on her lips
Trust beyond every reason, she had, and love sublime..
She was so sure, there was no doubt this time

A feeling uncommon, a maternal instinct beyond all..
A bond never to fail, a house never to fall...
But alas.. of cards it was made, a wisp of pretence mere
Lamenting she lies, amongst ruins of something she held so dear