Saturday, July 15, 2017

The girl and the rain

The girl in white, holding the blue umbrella, walked along looking quite pretty

She walked tall, her head held high; oh! very sweet and yet a bit snooty

From the heavens, the rain came pouring, driving everyone to the cover

Opening the umbrella, she stepped into the street, she didn't belong in the corner

As she trotted along, nose in the air, a strong gust of wind came rushing down

The powerful gale turned the umbrella inside out, making it look like a large crown

Away from the corners, nowhere to hide, under the downpour the girl was now stuck

Her attire all wet, water dripping down her hair, she ran in, cursing her luck..

Sunday, July 9, 2017

A broken tune

The bubbles that once seemed like brown caps on soldiers swimming in muddy waters

Now remind us of pollution, filth, dirty splashes, stains and splatters

The paper boats are long gone, gone, are the carefree jaunts in rains

The downpours now bring forth the dread of peak traffic jams and pains...

The sky and the earth are the same, so are the waters that come rushing down

Yet, this heart of mine that once sang out, now makes me worry and frown

Bewildered, I delved, high and low, seeking that long lost happy tune

Found it, broken and strewn amongst, memories thrown aside as picayune