Monday, August 17, 2015

Under-Stand - I Understand

I stand under – as we wade past,
My life forfeit - the die is cast
He is needed more for the land
As I drown, I understand

My body hurts – it’s punished
Under the heel – it is pushed
I did not run at the command..
I am at fault I understand

Her head rests on my shoulder
A cloak of remorse I hide under
Equally jilted though is my brand,
Her pain, my numbness, I understand

I toil hard and not ask why
I shall do, till I break and die
Over to him, everything I hand
I don’t matter, I understand

The heart harkens to those kind hails
At the undertone – strangely it fails
To break again, it refuses to stand
Closed and never to understand…

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Tainted Divine – The Marred Mystic

In those pristine halls, beyond the confines of time and space

I communed in holy abandon in a world filled with love and grace

Adored, celebrated and deified in a world so sinless and pure

Living in infinite ecstasy and enchantingly majestic allure

Proud of my sanctified legacy, as god’s own beloved wife

I dwelt in pious spiritual trance, the realms of a mystic life

Cocooned from the mundane rules of the puritan world so earthy

And the dogmatic laws that are slaves of the strong and wealthy

Tainted and marred I stand today, unclothed in your midst

Tarred, feathered, tarnished and crushed, under law’s iron fist

Labelled a lost and sinful soul, by those who own the earth

Of those who hail me a sinner, in the world there is no dearth

My communion is degraded to a street walker’s abject disrepute

My mysticism’s shards linger, wretched, lonely and destitute

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The endeavor

Though the cold and heavy flood, intimidates and daunts

Though Pain rips my being and courage hangs by a tread

It is my hard endeavor and not a sprightly jaunt

Against the tide and the dark, I truly shall trudge ahead

Though the sun may show his fury and burn the very path

Though the thorns may cut and mar me to death till I bled

Destiny in my heart, I shall harken, despite their immense wrath

Along the eternal pathless route, I truly shall trudge ahead