Monday, February 23, 2015

Anguish on the streets - An ode to the unwanted

Oh! That cold, hard and extremely sharp stone

that glass splinter with its pointed edge

that nail oh! So carelessly thrown

plus that thorn lying by the hedge

They know not that I am on my two bare feet

on cold nights and in midsummer’s heat

My soles are scorched, cut and sore

Oh! Please take me off these Streets of Gore

Nights spent in intoxicated frenzy

Days spent begging around for drug money

Limbs twisted and tied to depict a cripple

to gain of sympathy an extra ripple

Oh! my fatherless babies, some still born

Pushed out of my weak and abused body

I die many times, every night and morn

I am a mother, a child a nobody’s baby

Someone else’s problem, I stagger on, invisible

Hated and avoided, a discarded undesirable

My soul is tarnished infected and sore

Oh! Please take me off these streets of gore

A crazy manic laughter erupted off me

Drugged I was and high on cruelty

Oblivious to the bites and the blood the drew

as on the dog, burning logs I tied and threw

I am broken today, in this ditch so dark

The Fever and pain, oh! The fire has left its mark

I am dying, may be rabid and oh! So sore

Oh! Please take me off these streets of gore

Hated scorned and avoided by all and one

I look for shelters, but there are none

Lying on a bed of drugs and toxins

I live a life of loneliness, hatred and sins

A rare smile from a kindly passing soul

Makes me cry on my life gone foul

A beggar, juvenile a rag many wore

Oh! Please take me off these streets of gore

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