Monday, August 17, 2015

Under-Stand - I Understand

I stand under – as we wade past,
My life forfeit - the die is cast
He is needed more for the land
As I drown, I understand

My body hurts – it’s punished
Under the heel – it is pushed
I did not run at the command..
I am at fault I understand

Her head rests on my shoulder
A cloak of remorse I hide under
Equally jilted though is my brand,
Her pain, my numbness, I understand

I toil hard and not ask why
I shall do, till I break and die
Over to him, everything I hand
I don’t matter, I understand

The heart harkens to those kind hails
At the undertone – strangely it fails
To break again, it refuses to stand
Closed and never to understand…

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