Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Tainted Divine – The Marred Mystic

In those pristine halls, beyond the confines of time and space

I communed in holy abandon in a world filled with love and grace

Adored, celebrated and deified in a world so sinless and pure

Living in infinite ecstasy and enchantingly majestic allure

Proud of my sanctified legacy, as god’s own beloved wife

I dwelt in pious spiritual trance, the realms of a mystic life

Cocooned from the mundane rules of the puritan world so earthy

And the dogmatic laws that are slaves of the strong and wealthy

Tainted and marred I stand today, unclothed in your midst

Tarred, feathered, tarnished and crushed, under law’s iron fist

Labelled a lost and sinful soul, by those who own the earth

Of those who hail me a sinner, in the world there is no dearth

My communion is degraded to a street walker’s abject disrepute

My mysticism’s shards linger, wretched, lonely and destitute

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