Friday, May 5, 2017

A boat ride

I took a bus to the noisy harbour

Where the gulls soared in full ardour

Swooping down for a quick juicy catch

Or from laden net, a slimy snatch

The boat rocked atop a rocky sea

They seemed to be awaiting me

I ran towards the pier in a haste

It was late, and a delay was a waste

As I embarked they bowed in propriety

And welcomed me to their world of gaiety

Happiness abound, I could see plenty

The mood was of fun, frolic and jaunty

My heart was set on a bout with nature

My tired soul sought some free adventure

Recklessness took over in this dreamy realm

I gave in, and moved over to the boat’s helm

The sea roared with all its might

The boat pitched from left to right

As the boat caught a wave and dipped

I caught myself flying as my hold slipped

Off I flew into the vast windy skies

Amidst of dismay, my fellows’ cries

As I fell sloppily into the raging deep

My dream ended, and I woke up from sleep

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