Friday, May 5, 2017

Whispering gales of untold tales

Tales of love and of lovers on the run

Families in a journey of togetherness and fun

Longing hearts rushing to hold the ones so dear

Sad ones, looking back, choking over every tear

Of people long gone, their stories lost in time

Of heinous deeds and many an unsolved crime

Then of heroes, selfless lives and sacrifice noble

Perished, yet eternal, in many a song or fable

Words whispered, vows taken, of love or otherwise

Echoing through ages, soft voices, of advice so wise

Loud screams and wails of hatred, anguish or dismay

Or laughter and mirth of merry meetings along the way

As I sat by the roadside, eagerly savoring the untold tales

The winds hurried to narrate, rushing down as gales

Soon it was time to embark, loud the horn blew

To share their story with the world, I assured as I bid adieu

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