Friday, May 29, 2020

Lost childhood

A poor little girl once got lost in the streets so mean and loud..
Her mom was missing; misplaced, she was, in a strange crowd!!
Her pretty pink pinafore, the blouse within, of a soft baby hue
Her neatly combed hair, the ribbon, the bow and boots so new

Searching, weeping and crying, till she was all wet, hoarse and sore,
Calling out aloud for her mommy, she ran into the café next door
Scared beyond her wits, she pranced about, like one out of her mind
Her attire so smart and her tears, were noted by patrons, sweet and kind

Smiling they called out to her and bade her pleasantly to come near
Shocked and in a state of daze, the little one instead cringed in fear
Driven by a scare of unknown, blindly she ran, onto the busy highway
Slipping and falling, she scampered to the other side, like a mongrel stray

She turned back at the end of her sprint; looked about and gathered her wits
Saw that the café she exited, was the one her mom with her, frequently visits
She smoothened her hair and attire that was now soiled and torn so badly
Crossing the road, this time carefully, she made her way back there, gladly

The treatment she received, however made her shrink and cringe in pain
In tattered and dirty attire, she was now an object to behold in disdain
They turned their noses at her dirty, tear streaked and mud crusted face
Wondering how they could allow a vagrant like her to enter the lofty place

The waiter swaggered towards her angrily and very rudely showed her the door
Told her that she should exit right away, else, a trashing for her was in store
As she staggered out, in a dazed state, fate smiled, heaven’s glory be
A familiar voice called out to her; the girl turned and cried, “Oh! Mummy”

Mother and child were now happily united; “All’s well that ends well”, they say!
But, well, did they not perceive the demise of humanity, that sad day?
“Their reaction was natural, she was filthy”, say those with worldly sense!!
Can’t they see in the child’s heart, the cadavers of trust and innocence?

The inner child in us withers and expires, and in good trust forever is broken;
When faces turn away from the lost ones, in humanity one’s faith is shaken
Every time a fond and caring heart learns that the world only loves the rich
Humankind takes another irretraceable step towards hell’s bottomless ditch

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