Friday, May 29, 2020

Somewhere - someday

Onto a world where everything blends in as one
Love reigns supreme and harm befalls none

Where starry, moonlit nights and many a sunny day
Sprinkled with showers of blessings, form life's way

Where the earth belongs to all to nurture and share
Nature's choicest banquet is everyone's common fare

Where the children in pure mirth dance gleefully
Fed, coddled and cherished by all, equally

Where those beyond their prime are given due respect
Taken care with due care, of their needs, every aspect

Where every organ gets passed on to those in need
From the clutches of disability, the world is freed

Where there is no rat race, boss or subordinate
Duty not position, is sought, every thirst, to sate

In that borderless world of love and purity
Wish to dwell, dear soul, from now till eternity

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