Monday, May 18, 2020

Water, wind and Gaia together as a mighty tree - bound till eternity...

Water,  wind, Gaia and tree..
Love and sacrifice.. Eternally free....


He came to her, falling from the lofty high!!
Pure, fresh, pristine and oh!  so shy!
There were others,  but he paid no heed..
He loved,  though she already was with a seed..

Taking aid from his friends that went breezing by..
And the brilliance of happiness from the bright sky..
Sacrificing for his love with no doubt or fear
He nurtured the seed of his beloved earthy dear..

While he rested in peace, having fulfilled his destiny..
The young one, sprang forth, a miracle oh!  So tiny..
His earthy mother's child and  named after another..
Yet preserving deep in his core, eternally, the nurturer..

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