Friday, May 15, 2020

Testimony of a silent observer...

I saw rivers run clean and streams of kindness from hearts flow
I witnessed distrust, doubts, pettiness and feelings shallow
But for every sad doubtful one, I saw manifold ones so kind
I saw humanity spring and surge - a pure soul, heart and mind!

I saw birds fly, and thoughts clear, unbound and free
I saw trappings too, of dogma and divisions of society
But for every shackle, I saw many boundaries broken
I saw freedom, harmony ricochet lucid and awoken!!

I saw the forests grow - the mirth of budding innocence...
A new awakening, of thoughts and of ideas a congruence
I saw a new bright dawn in majestic Gaia’s Life story!! 
I saw renaissance anew, in its eternal splendour and glory!!

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